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went to trampoline land.
then went to metalmark.
i had so much fun and if i was alone i wouldve had just as much fun.
but its nearly impossible to have a bad time with turnbomb.
thank you upper body strength.
thank you skinny frame.
thank you fingers.
and i miss morgan.

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Stay close to me, so close to me
That’s how it’s supposed to be
Long as you’ve been knowing me
You been holding me down
I’m sure as fuck, so fuck hopefully
I watch over you, you watch over me
And that’s how it’s supposed to be
And we are, alright

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"michelle fuck they talkin bout man, i got the elective waves on deck man. who congress fuckin with? not me"

Michelle, my shit spinnin or nah?

Waves making congress seasick.

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take that “or nah” shit somewhere or end up with it as header of your obituary

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i need greenery
maybe grow some fruit
maybe some spinach
but this drought gotdamn
this central valley drought
but seriously though growing some spinach